We’re a team of senior insurance and accounting experts, specialising solely in insurance recovery for companies in liquidation or administration.

We help insolvency practitioners in insurance claims recovery and premium returns — often succeeding where others have given up, or been advised to.

How we work

Making the
complex simple

Insurance recovery for companies in administration and liquidation can be a complex business. It often involves negotiating with numerous intermediaries, insurance companies and advisors. We take all those complexities away, dealing with all the interested parties on your behalf.

  1. Review
    • First, we’ll conduct an extensive review of all the documentation and circumstances surrounding your case. We understand the complex insurance wordings that determine whether companies in administration are due return premiums, and whether claims are payable. If we believe there are premium returns and/or claims recoveries due, we’ll advise you so, providing an early idea of the likely value of the recovery, and the timeframe to complete. If we feel there’s no potential for recovery, we’ll tell you, at no cost. We have a 100% record of success in recoveries following this initial review.
  2. Negotiate

    • Once we’ve reviewed all the available contracts, documents and correspondence, we’ll negotiate with the insurance brokers, insurance companies, loss adjusters and appointed lawyers to secure the best possible recovery. We’ll prepare any additional documentation required to substantiate any claims, and send this on your behalf. Our depth of industry experience means we know most of the brokers and insurers well. We know the tactics insurers use to stall and reduce settlement offers and how to overcome them. We also have strong relationships with the regulators, and will call on them to mediate if necessary.
  3. Recover

    • Once we’ve negotiated a satisfactory recovery with the insurer and/or their representative, we’ll ask for your authorisation to recover the funds. We’ll either collect the funds ourselves, and transfer them to you, or make sure they are paid directly, and swiftly, into your account.

How do we get paid?

First we’ll review your case, free of charge, and advise you of the options available.

Sometimes, of course, there is no contractual right to a recovery. If so, we’ll advise you immediately, saving you time and money. With our specialist knowledge of this field, we often find the potential for a settlement, even where others have given up.

If we think we can help, we’ll agree a fee. All our fees are contingent on our successful recovery of a settlement on your behalf. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the overall insurance recovery. That means we have the incentive to deliver the maximum recovery, while you risk nothing in hiring us.

Our people

Rob Samuel

An experienced insurance practitioner and qualified accountant, Rob began his career at Marsh and McLennan, in M&A and Audit. He has spent most of his career in finance and management roles with major insurance broking, captive management, and risk management companies, as well as running his own business.

Rob’s most recent industry role was as Chief Financial Officer of Aon Risk Consulting. Before that, he managed Aon Limited's Enterprise Risk Management Practice, and worked on high-profile financial projects for the company.

After receiving numerous enquiries from insolvency practitioners looking for specialist help with premium returns and claims recovery, Rob joined forces with Adrian Ryan and set up Flag Partners. Now, he focuses all his insurance, audit, broking and legal experience on achieving maximum insurance recoveries for a range of insolvency practitioners.

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Adrian Ryan

Adrian’s wide-ranging experience covers every area of specialty insurance, including claims management, broking and underwriting — all the essential areas involved in securing insurance recoveries for insolvency practitioners.

From 1985 to 1998, Adrian was Claims Manager and then Claims Director for Charman Underwriting Agencies. He went on to head up Reinsurance Operations at Ace Global Markets, and in 2002 was appointed Chief Underwriting Officer for Axis Re Europe and Axis Specialty. In 2007, he formed Shelbourne Group, a specialist business underwriting agency at Lloyds.

With a detailed, insider’s understanding of the broking and claims operations of insurance companies, Adrian has all the expert knowledge he needs to negotiate successful claims recoveries and premium returns for our clients.

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